Minecraft Incineration tutorial.

Today I’m going to teach you how to build my incinerator in Minecraft. I built my first incinerator to destroy excess blocks I have had piled up in chests, I use mostly sandstone to build in my world so I had tons of sand to mine through to get to the sandstone so that led […]

Minecraft Power plant tutorial

Today I will explain how to build my power plant with a little picture assistance Step one: Place eight hoppers feeding into each other in a square formation. Step two: Place comparators feeding out of four of the hoppers. I prefer using the corners of the square. Step three: Place a block with a redstone […]

Mincraft Screenshots explanations

I’m sure you’re all wondering why did you build these in Minecraft. The reason is my Senior of high school my government Final was a Utopia project and this was my project I did for that but since I had established this like a kingdom with beliefs, laws (even though the NPCs don’t follow them), […]