Minecraft Incineration tutorial.

Today I’m going to teach you how to build my incinerator in Minecraft. I built my first incinerator to destroy excess blocks I have had piled up in chests, I use mostly sandstone to build in my world so I had tons of sand to mine through to get to the sandstone so that led to my designing of this.

Start off with something like this with three droppers facing lava with a wall built on the other side to block object that you want to be destroyed
Start off with something like this with three droppers facing lava with a wall built on the other side to block object that you want to be destroyed
build your structure looking like this then put three redstone repeaters facing into your droppers with redstone connecting those the put another repeater facing into that bit of redstone. Next put two repeaters facing into redstone. Leaving one block of space between them place two more repeaters facing the opposite direction and place your redstone so your circuit looks like the one above. Next add a switch like above.
Using trapped chests and hoppers build the feeding system shown above.
Last but not least build up your walls of your structure and enclose it like shown above. It is hard to see but I put a ladder between that U-shaped space for access to the feeding chest.







Minecraft Power plant tutorial

Today I will explain how to build my power plant with a little picture assistance


Step one: Place eight hoppers feeding into each other in a square formation.

Step two: Place comparators feeding out of four of the hoppers. I prefer using the corners of the square.


Step three: Place a block with a redstone torch on it on the other end of the comparators and place blocks with redstone dust like shown above.


Step four: Feed your redstone dust wiring into a repeater facing a dropper with a hopper feeding back into the dropper like above. Place a comparator feeding into a repeater.

Step five: place redstone coming out of the last repeater into what you want to power. This power Plant isn’t a stead flow of power it pulsates power every 1 tick so if you want the power you a comparator and repeater feeding out of the dropper too then set both repeater to max delay and place your redstone dust feeding out of them.

Final step: place one block in your top hoppers and one in the dropper then.


Mincraft Screenshots explanations

I’m sure you’re all wondering why did you build these in Minecraft. The reason is my Senior of high school my government Final was a Utopia project and this was my project I did for that but since I had established this like a kingdom with beliefs, laws (even though the NPCs don’t follow them), a constitution and a full kingdom map I thought I would keep it going as a fun place to get away and build cool things. I have a some awesome buildings not shown here like a working power plant, block incinerator, even a charcoal hopper pipeline leading to every furnace in the kingdom. I know this isn’t really classic art like I have built this site for but to me even Minecraft architecture is art, so every once in a while there will be blog posts and updates on my minecraft.