Today I will explain how to build my power plant with a little picture assistance


Step one: Place eight hoppers feeding into each other in a square formation.

Step two: Place comparators feeding out of four of the hoppers. I prefer using the corners of the square.


Step three: Place a block with a redstone torch on it on the other end of the comparators and place blocks with redstone dust like shown above.


Step four: Feed your redstone dust wiring into a repeater facing a dropper with a hopper feeding back into the dropper like above. Place a comparator feeding into a repeater.

Step five: place redstone coming out of the last repeater into what you want to power. This power Plant isn’t a stead flow of power it pulsates power every 1 tick so if you want the power you a comparator and repeater feeding out of the dropper too then set both repeater to max delay and place your redstone dust feeding out of them.

Final step: place one block in your top hoppers and one in the dropper then.