Inktober 2020

It’s once again October, but for those of you in the art community, it’s best known as Inktober, Inktober is the time to hone your art skills and show the world how you have improved artistically over the last twelve months. This year I do not plan for doing a crazy high goal of weekly work, normally I have done works in the 100’s during this time, this year I’m, not making a set goal, for 2020 I’m setting a flexable goal of between 30 – 60 works.

For Inktober 2020 I thought I would start out with a dragon.

Petitions for Signage at Lake Piru and other US Waterways.

 I know that this lake is in California and far from me in NY, but I’ve been doing research on this lake recently and far too many people have gone missing or died in this lake. So I decided to share the petition for some signage around this lake so the people living by it have a little peace of mind that more people will be warned of the dangers of the lake.

 The second petition is one to get federal recognition for all waterways in the US where the dangers are little known or not know at all to none local swimmers. These swimming spots should have signs to allow swimmers to make a informed decision.

Mars' sea of humanity

This piece is Mars’ sea of humanity, with all the illnesses going around I thought a futuristic piece would be a great start. This piece is pretty self explanatory, it’s a room of a Mars resident. This little month long art event I plan on doing I’m going to name “covidapril” after the isolation many are experiencing this month.

My goal of this event is to bring joy to those affected and to help raise awareness of the viruses that affect humanity as a whole, it’s basically art with a cause. I hope others will follow my idea of this event and do some humanity type art for the joy of others.

Quick update and new plan.

I know with the recent COVID-19 pandemic a lot of people are staying indoors or practicing some form of self-preservation. I have decided for the month of April I will work on my Autobiography at home. This isn’t my big update I’m writing this post about though, I have also decided every Friday in April I will post new work. Much like I do for Inktober it will be a few pieces each week with a blog post, maybe a little explanation about the work, I haven’t quite figured the whole plan out yet. My hope is by doing this I can keep myself and my readers from going completely bonkers from this time of isolation. We will get through this, just have to have perseverance through this time.

Tribute to Reidi

Digital Redo of the original
Digitally finished Piece

As some of you may know my high school art teacher passed away back in May, I know it’s now September but I just got around to posting now. I redid a piece he inspired and believed in even though as the artist I thought it was horrible at the time. As a kid, Mr. Reidinger more than an art teacher to me, he taught us about life, music, money, and ethics. He believed in my work during a time in my teens not even I did. He always encouraged me to one day add some color to the piece I of course never did to the physical piece so here is a digital redo of the original which he saw and the finished piece I envisioned then but never did.

Blunt Web/Graphic Design and Marketing


  Blunt Web/Graphic Design and Marketing has officially opened it’s doors, those of you who have known me since I was a teen knows this company has been a long time dream now made reality. Thanks everyone who has supported me over the years to reach this goal, I wouldn’t of made this journy to this point without. This is just the begining of the journy which is my professional life, I expect to do great things in the future with my company. Blunt Web/Graphic Design and Marketing is currently looking for clients contact me for any potential business you want to conduct.