May’s 1st Blog Post

I know I drew these back in October but it’s time for the explanation behind them. As you know these are part of the Erin Collection. Erin is my best friend/Girlfriend and fellow artist these works were all inspired by her. When I did the outlines for these I thought they kinda looked like Erin so I added in her red hair and tried to match them to her as much as possible.

May’s 1st Blog Bost

Erin Collection

My thoughts behind this piece when I did it was I haven’t done a lot of zombie pieces, I’ve never done a zombie horde and I’ve never used cities or towns as my scene behind a zombie piece so using those 3 parameters this piece was created.

2nd April’s blog Post

I know I drew theses back in October but it’s time for the explanation. I’ve always loved cars so I drew cars by a few different of my favorite brands. As you can see I drew a lot of Bugatti Vyron’s and Chevrolet Corvette’s. Theses two cars are my favorite cars exceptionally the 60’s Corvettes. My favorite year for Corvettes is 1966 I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the 66′ Corvettes. When it comes to the Vyron though I’d happily settle for any year since they have only been being produced since 05′. The reason I love the Vyron so much is the 16.4 Liter, 16 cylinder and 1000’s ponies of pure power under the hood. No I’ve never seen one or been close to one but the videos I’ve seen on YouTube it sounds and looks like an absolute amazing drive.

1st April Blog Post

Fish tank

This blog post was inspired by the relaxing feeling of a fish tank. This fish tank and everything in it has been hand drawn. Every fish in this is the same type of fish I have owned over the years.

2nd March Blog Post

High school Collection

I drew this back in September but now it is time for the explanation behind why I did this Photoshop and why Red was important enough for even his own blog post. I was born with Spina Bifida for those of you who don’t know that is, it’s a birth defect in which a developing baby’s spinal cord fails to develop properly. So Red was my service dog he learned everything from retrieving forearm crutches to opening doors, getting glasses and plates from the cabinet, learning how to stand to help me recover from a fall. Even pulling the wheelchair up the ramp in the winter. Years of training and bonding with Red, he was my dog and all. He was stubborn as all hell and somehow knew when I was sick or surgery was coming refused to leave my side and even though I hated it even would try to lick my stitches when I came home. Countless naps were taken on him and rough nights were spent snotting on Red’s ears. Red was even there through some of my worst time like having MRSA in 09′ and helping me get through the home side of a combat tour in 2010′ with our solider in Kabul, Afghanistan. Red and I went through hell together and I still miss him even though he’s been gone almost 4 years now.

1St March blog Post

Midnight Lone Wolf

This is my first Piece with my new drawing tablet. This is my first piece hand drawn and hand colored.  My inspriration behind this piece is my intrests in wolves.

Winter Castle

Erin Colleation

This was a tutorial I did back in September but it made me think of February in Upstate NY, with the snow covered mountains and moon reflecting off the snow at night.