Kick off of Inktober 2018

I will be participating in Inktober again this year similar to last year, I did over 100 pieces last Inktober, so I’m making this years goal public and setting the bar a little higher at 150 total pieces. That means a minimum of 5 Pieces a day posted weekly.

September’s 2nd Blog post

This piece was inspired by the Lion king but I put my own twist on the story. Instead of Simba regaining control this is from the perspective if the hyenas over threw Scar.

July’s 2nd Blog Post

This is a redo of Abstract self Portrait that I did in High school. For probably 9 years now I have looked at the original of this piece and thought I could have and should have done better with this piece. I decided to finally do this piece Justice and  better I’m proud to claim […]

July’s 1st Blog Post

I decided to try Rainbow Roses this was the outcome. I thought I did a good job, they’re kind of cross between my usual abstract work and flowers.

June’s 2nd Blog Post

One of my first hand drawn Piece using a graphics tablet was a rose. So I decided to do something a little different from I normally do and draw Cherry Blossoms. I normally do not draw flowers or realism but I have been trying to expand my drawing talent.

June’s 1st Blog Post

  This is a horse I drew for a color pallette challenge. I did this color pallette challenge a little diffrent than the ones I normally do and the ones we used to do in Viss Comm. With this challenge I first selected color pallete then to make it a little harder I chose my […]