Kick off of Inktober 2018

I will be participating in Inktober again this year similar to last year, I did over 100 pieces last Inktober, so I’m making this years goal public and setting the bar a little higher at 150 total pieces. That means a minimum of 5 Pieces a day posted weekly.

September’s 2nd Blog post

Anna Collection

This piece was inspired by the Lion king but I put my own twist on the story. Instead of Simba regaining control this is from the perspective if the hyenas over threw Scar.

July’s 2nd Blog Post

Erin Collection

This is a redo of Abstract self Portrait that I did in High school. For probably 9 years now I have looked at the original of this piece and thought I could have and should have done better with this piece. I decided to finally do this piece Justice and  better I’m proud to claim as mine.

The original will be below this post for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

High school Collection

July’s 1st Blog Post

Erin Collection

I decided to try Rainbow Roses this was the outcome. I thought I did a good job, they’re kind of cross between my usual abstract work and flowers.

June’s 2nd Blog Post

Erin Collection

One of my first hand drawn Piece using a graphics tablet was a rose. So I decided to do something a little different from I normally do and draw Cherry Blossoms. I normally do not draw flowers or realism but I have been trying to expand my drawing talent.

June’s 1st Blog Post


Erin Collection

This is a horse I drew for a color pallette challenge. I did this color pallette challenge a little diffrent than the ones I normally do and the ones we used to do in Viss Comm. With this challenge I first selected color pallete then to make it a little harder I chose my subject from a random letter in the alphabet and drawing the first thing that came to mind starting with my letter. By now I’m sure you have figured out my letter was H. This is the first time I have done a color pallette challenge this way but the addition of drawing the first object that comes to mind of a random letter adds more of a challenge and in my opinion more fun.