After about six months of being at a creative brick wall I now have new works to do new blog posts on, so without anymore delay here is June’s blog post.


This piece is another addition to my emotional art works and an explanation using color theory about why I haven’t done anything new since December. Basically in a nutshell until recently I’ve been stuck in the emotional vortex of happiness, sadness, depression and anger. With never knowing what mood I’d be in at any given time I put a pause to my art because I didn’t want my mood to negatively affect my work as an artist. Yes I know art is supposed to be about expression and emotion but some of the emotions I was feeling I didn’t want my reader’s to know about till I was ready to say life is good again. I did this piece this week as an artistic explanations because I thought it would be better than a super long blog post without any art in it which for me is super rare to start with.