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This is the other side of planet Whabaria, this side is now in summer. This side has beautiful lakes and mountains. This side has many inhabitants like the first scene. This scene and scene two I did very little to because I wanted to get more into the story of the planet, and it’s inhabitants.

Planet Whabaria Is a newly discovered planet that has five newly found species of life. The first new species is the Alien species. The Alien culture is built around peace and knowledge these peaceful beings would rather learn from other intelligent species. These creatures believe in science so they don’t have a religion. The second species is the Ant Worker. The Ant worker culture is built around working together and helping others, these peaceful beings would rather help other species. These creatures believe in Building temples to their queen. The third species is the Rockman. The Rockman culture is a nomadic war culture that conquers anyone who has what they want or need to survive. These creatures believe in the war goddess Ayja, These creatures offer the blood of fallen enemies to appease Ayja. The forth species is the Rottduck. The Rottduck culture is built around peaceful agriculture and trade between everyone on Whabaria. These creatures believe in cagdite the god of commerce and Lola goddess of agriculture. The Fifth and final Species of Whabaria is The Green Daemon . The Green Daemon culture is built around protecting the Rottduck Empire. These creatures believe in the same gods and goddesses as the Rottducks’.