Claudia Collection

The explanation

This is a drawing using colors of emotions I’ve felt lately, certain elements within the drawing also show those feelings. My feeling in this piece are sadness and anger. I’m generally happy but sometimes when I’m sad my emotions feel like a volcano erupting.  The reason behind this piece is I’m lonely lately with all my friends off doing bigger, better things and I’m home trying to get work. I started to get lonely during the day so it made me sad. The reason for the anger is I’m mad at myself for taking so long to find work that the only way I truly know how to express the emotions in my head is through my art. The green grass around the city is supposed to represent hope for a better tomorrow but when I drew it I had little hope for thing to improve.

What would I do differently?

I’d define my lines better, maybe greater color contrast between all the colors. I’d probably make some of the mountains and volcanoes more rocky looking.