Space photo combination: This is a photo combination I did in Photoshop, this scene is a star port looking out from a porthole of a window.

The explanation

As all of you may know this is my piece “Space Photo Combination.”  I refer to this piece as a planet from a porthole because of the way the bottom of the piece looks like a window or a porthole. This piece I think is pretty self-explanatory but I’m going to explain it incase it is not, this piece is a city being attacked by the enemy. This event is being witnessed by someone on a ship from a distant star port. In the background you can see the iconic death star its destroying that planet you see exploding off into the distance. These two events are  directly related.

What would I do differently?

First thing I would do differently is the lightning rods on the star port I would make more like lightning not the orange odd shape it is. The second thing I would change is I would add more planets to the background sky.