May’s 1st Blog Bost

Erin Collection

My thoughts behind this piece when I did it was I haven’t done a lot of zombie pieces, I’ve never done a zombie horde and I’ve never used cities or towns as my scene behind a zombie piece so using those 3 parameters this piece was created.

2nd April’s blog Post

I know I drew theses back in October but it’s time for the explanation. I’ve always loved cars so I drew cars by a few different of my favorite brands. As you can see I drew a lot of Bugatti Vyron’s and Chevrolet Corvette’s. Theses two cars are my favorite cars exceptionally the 60’s Corvettes. My favorite year for Corvettes is 1966 I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved the 66′ Corvettes. When it comes to the Vyron though I’d happily settle for any year since they have only been being produced since 05′. The reason I love the Vyron so much is the 16.4 Liter, 16 cylinder and 1000’s ponies of pure power under the hood. No I’ve never seen one or been close to one but the videos I’ve seen on YouTube it sounds and looks like an absolute amazing drive.

1st April Blog Post

Fish tank

This blog post was inspired by the relaxing feeling of a fish tank. This fish tank and everything in it has been hand drawn. Every fish in this is the same type of fish I have owned over the years.

January Blog Post

Erin Collection

I saw this image and immediately thought “oh it’s Hoth” so I added in the iconic Star Wars things like the ATT, X wing, Star Destroyer and Deathstar. Then I thought the story behind the x wing a recon mission or rebellion attack because without a reason the x wing is just out of place among the empire so I threw in some lasers and boom this image was created.  The shadows and shades of color really didn’t all meet the environment so to make them blend a little better I put a 30% opacity black layer over the Image just to help tie everything together.

November’s Blog Post

Aerial Collection

This was a piece I posted back in July, now it’s time for an explanation behind it. As you all know I specialize in abstract realism. Back in July, I decided to try Modern Art using rectangles and a color pallet from a color pallet challenge. It was a pretty quickly done piece, probably the quickest I’ve done, but I still think it looks great.

October’s Blog Post

This piece is a Photoshop of a Fennec Fox. I edited the original photo a bit before using the pixelate tool to make this photo look like a water-color, This was a quick edit just to experiment with new tools.

September’s Blog post

I know it’s been a while since I uploaded this to the site, but as I am known for, its time for my explanation of this piece. The last flower I drew as you all know was back in 2015 but I decided it’s time to give it another try on Photoshop CC. It went a little better, I’d still say It’s not my best artistic subject but it sure isn’t my worst either. As you all can tell it’s a rose, I count it as abstract because the stem is out of proportion to the rest of the image. This was a hand drawn piece.

August’s Blog post

I know I did this image a few months back but it’s time for an explanation of why I did it and what it’s supposed to be. A few months ago I got Photoshop CC, with all the new features it was time to experiment and learn what they do so after drawing a four point star I started playing with filters and got this starfish or fern shape I don’t know which is more accurate. After that I decided that shape would look good over a brown background so I used the tested and true paint bucket. So in a nutshell it’s an experiment I think came out awesome.