May’s 1st Blog Bost

My thoughts behind this piece when I did it was I haven’t done a lot of zombie pieces, I’ve never done a zombie horde and I’ve never used cities or towns as my scene behind a zombie piece so using those 3 parameters this piece was created.

2nd April’s blog Post

I know I drew theses back in October but it’s time for the explanation. I’ve always loved cars so I drew cars by a few different of my favorite brands. As you can see I drew a lot of Bugatti Vyron’s and Chevrolet Corvette’s. Theses two cars are my favorite cars exceptionally the 60’s Corvettes. […]

1st April Blog Post

This blog post was inspired by the relaxing feeling of a fish tank. This fish tank and everything in it has been hand drawn. Every fish in this is the same type of fish I have owned over the years.

January Blog Post

I saw this image and immediately thought “oh it’s Hoth” so I added in the iconic Star Wars things like the ATT, X wing, Star Destroyer and Deathstar. Then I thought the story behind the x wing a recon mission or rebellion attack because without a reason the x wing is just out of place […]

November’s Blog Post

This was a piece I posted back in July, now it’s time for an explanation behind it. As you all know I specialize in abstract realism. Back in July, I decided to try Modern Art using rectangles and a color pallet from a color pallet challenge. It was a pretty quickly done piece, probably the […]

October’s Blog Post

This piece is a Photoshop of a Fennec Fox. I edited the original photo a bit before using the pixelate tool to make this photo look like a water-color, This was a quick edit just to experiment with new tools.

September’s Blog post

I know it’s been a while since I uploaded this to the site, but as I am known for, its time for my explanation of this piece. The last flower I drew as you all know was back in 2015 but I decided it’s time to give it another try on Photoshop CC. It went […]

August’s Blog post

I know I did this image a few months back but it’s time for an explanation of why I did it and what it’s supposed to be. A few months ago I got Photoshop CC, with all the new features it was time to experiment and learn what they do so after drawing a four […]