May’s 1st Blog Bost

My thoughts behind this piece when I did it was I haven’t done a lot of zombie pieces, I’ve never done a zombie horde and I’ve never used cities or towns as my scene behind a zombie piece so using those 3 parameters this piece was created.

1st April Blog Post

This blog post was inspired by the relaxing feeling of a fish tank. This fish tank and everything in it has been hand drawn. Every fish in this is the same type of fish I have owned over the years.

December’s Blog Post

This is a drawing I did for my girlfriend Erin back in July, her favorite colors and how important she is to me is the inspiration behind this piece. Since I have met Erin, she has been here for me. She has helped me through a lot of bad things in the past and I […]

My New Collection of Work has arrived

My newest collection of work has arrived. My inspiration behind these 14 new pieces is my beautiful, sweet and amazing girlfriend. Thank you for believing in me and my art. Happy 4th month together babe, I love you. I look forward to many more months together, I hope you enjoy every one of these new […]