1St March blog Post

Midnight Lone Wolf

This is my first Piece with my new drawing tablet. This is my first piece hand drawn and hand colored.  My inspriration behind this piece is my intrests in wolves.

October’s Blog Post

This piece is a Photoshop of a Fennec Fox. I edited the original photo a bit before using the pixelate tool to make this photo look like a water-color, This was a quick edit just to experiment with new tools.

July’s Blog post

Anyone who truly knows my art style knows I don’t believe in drawing realism. I’ll be the first to admit realism just isn’t in my wheelhouse at all I can’t hand draw true realism so I specialize in Abstract realism. In this piece I have done two of my draw themes in one drawing, Space with desolate landscapes with caves and lava. For this drawing I didn’t use color theory I just used what colors I thought complimented each other. Unlike most of my work this piece wasn’t inspired by emotions like all my other works, yes there is emotion in this piece because I worked hard on it but I drew this out of curiosity of whether or not I could bring my two most drawn themes into one drawing.