Countryside GTO

The explanation This Photoshop is a GTO at a drive in within the countryside. I know I’ve done a lot of work featuring this iconic GTO. I’ve shown this in many city themed works but its time for some country, in this piece the GTO is going to its next local that I’ll show next … Continue reading Countryside GTO

Abstract Cow

The explanation This piece is Abstract Cow “rainbow moo’er .” This piece was designed for a color palette challenge I did in class. I used tints and shades of my given colors to create everything but what makes the cow still look like a cow is my arrangement of these colors. I carefully arranged each color so the … Continue reading Abstract Cow

Color Squares

The explanation This piece is Color Squares: My inspiration behind was a Minecraft poster I saw but instead of the Minecraft slimes I drew them as boxes of different colors.  In Minecraft from what I’ve seen the slimes are all the same color but in this drawing I decided to make them different colors to show … Continue reading Color Squares